The impressive manger of Meteora (VIDEO)


In the imposing setting of Meteora, a special manger located inside a cave above the town of Kalambaka dominates. The rock is called "Ambaria" and "Eye of God" by the locals and is located behind the Museum of Digital Imaging.

The manger's location and lighting attract even more people's interest, while the manager is a centre of reference in the area of ​​Meteora.

The city of Kalambaka keeps the tradition of managers, as in the past, it had set up a special manger in the centre of the square, with life-size figures of people and animals. But this time, the thought was to make a performance in a cave of Meteora, in a visible way and with a unique effect...

The elaborate lighting at night makes it visible from within the city and many kilometres away.

In the huge cave, which looks like an "eye of God", figures of the Virgin Mary, Christ, magi, etc., were placed, while a huge star dominates over it.

Watch Michael Miller's video:

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