Kalavryta: Among the 1st choices of Greeks for Christmas and New Year's holidays


Hotels and other tourist accommodations in the broader area of ​​Kalavryta seem to ensure high occupancy rates for the festive season.

According to the president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations of Kalavryta, Mr Constantinos Dafalia, during the Christmas and New Year periods, based on the bookings so far, occupancy rates reach 80%, while Epiphany comes to 70%.


However, as Mr Dafalias points out, there is a dynamic in demand, and it is very likely that on the days of the holidays, they will reach 100%, as Kalavryta remains among the first choices of Greeks for vacations during the festive period of Christmas and New Year.

In the intervening days before the holidays, bookings hover around 60%. It should be noted that the licensed tourist accommodation has a total capacity of 2,500 beds in the wider area. Visitors from Athens mainly meet demand.

Also, a part of the bookings come from Patras, although the people of Patra, due to the proximity to the destination, mainly make holidays and one-day trips.


Prices appear on average 10-15% higher than the corresponding period last year due to the additional burdens resulting from the increase in energy costs and the cost of supplies. The Ski Centre is also an attraction for visitors to Kalavryta.

According to Mr. Dafalia, for this season, the operation of the Ski Chalet on December 16 has been planned in the first phase. At the same time, the new "Achilleas" lift will be put into operation.

If the weather conditions do not allow it, at first, it will be used for walks and then for skiing. The President of the Union estimates that the completion of the upgrade projects of the Ski Center in the coming years will strengthen the interest in new hotel investments in the area, which has been stagnant lately.

Also, travel demand will intensify with the decoration and operation of the Christmas Village from mid-December; at this point, various events will take place in the area, which will last at least until January 6.


It should be noted that until December 13th, when the annual Holocaust commemoration takes place, there is no official decoration of the town in Kalavryta.

Mr Dafalias notes that among the issues the destination has faced from September to date is the shutdown of the Cogwheel Railway. On the Diakopto – Kalavrita line 4 times due to natural disasters. Today, the routes resume after the restoration of the line, which will strengthen the effort to attract visitors.

Also, the accommodation owners in Kalavryta, as in other regions of the country, have difficulty finding staff, although there are cases where work is offered even on a 12-month basis.

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