Greek Swimmer Anna Ntountounaki Claims Bronze in 100-Meter Butterfly at European Championships

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Otopeni, Romania - Greek swimmer Anna Ntountounaki made an impressive splash at the European Championships in small pools, securing the bronze medal in the fiercely competitive 100-meter butterfly race. Her remarkable achievement highlights not only her own remarkable skills but also Greece's emerging prowess in the world of swimming as she achieved the 100m butterfly with a Panhellenic record

The highly anticipated race witnessed intense competition from top swimmers across Europe.

Ultimately, it was Swede Louise Hansson who clinched the gold medal, displaying her exceptional speed and technique with a remarkable time of 55.37 seconds. German athlete Angelina Kohler showcased her endurance, claiming the silver medal just fractions of a second behind at 55.50 seconds. However, it was Ntountounaki's remarkable display that captured the attention of spectators and earned her the bronze with an impressive time of 55.98 seconds.

The bronze medal secured by Ntountounaki is not only a personal triumph but also a source of pride for Greece.


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