Jolie Garbi: Finos Film honours the great "psychomaniac" of Greek cinema

Jolie Garbi

A video about Jolie Garbi was made at Finos Film on the occasion of the 21 years that have passed since her death.

Through Instagram, the production company created a potpourri of her moments on the big screen and, more specifically, from the films: "Koinoniki sapila, We Have Only One Life, O skliros andras, and O atsidas."

In the caption of the publication, he writes, among other things: "Talented and dignified actress Jolie Garbi, with her big blue eyes and sweet hoarseness in her voice, turned into one of the most recognisable mature ladies of the cinema and certainly its most unforgettable psychomaniac of Greek cinema."

Jolie Garbi died on December 9, 2002. She had a career in old age and appeared in almost 40 films, many of which were very successful.

She decided to become an actress at the age of 21, but the Greco-Italian war overturned her plans, so instead of the board, she served as a nurse. The public met her around 50, and their image of her is more of a mature woman. She played more of the mother and aunt.

She married the actor Theodoros Moridis in her old age, with whom she spent the last 60 years of her life. The couple had no children. They lived in seclusion in their summer house in Attica. Her death was slow to become known to the media.

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