The 3 Greek Christmas customs that your dog can participate in

Christmas dog

Whether we are people who love traditions or not, these days it is difficult not to observe some of them, as they are inextricably linked with Christmas and New Year.

Most of us will spend the Christmas holidays with our family and dear friends, eating, drinking, laughing and wishing for a better, more hopeful future. In all these beautiful moments, our beloved fur children will also be there, happy with our joy but also with the fact that we now spend much more time together. We give them the importance they need, play with them, go for walks, and meet loved ones, not only ours but also theirs.

All this creates a festive and happy atmosphere where we revive customs and come close to the Greek tradition.

If you want to remember this Christmas and New Year forever, you can do something different. What is this? Try to make a part of the customs and traditions, your most loyal friend.

We offer you some ideas on how you can enjoy with your dog some of the most famous Greek customs.

Christmas Boat

We may be used to decorating a Christmas tree, but in the most ancient times, the Greeks decorated the ship, as they were an eminently seafaring people. The Christmas tree came to Greece later, during the time of Ottomans.

How can you include your dog in this process?

You can do the following: put on soft Christmas music, fill the house with healthy treats for your dog and spend an afternoon of laughter and joy with your four-legged friend. While you decorate, your puppy will eat treats and run around the house, wagging his tail happily.

The good thing about the Christmas boat is that you can place it in a high place so you can avoid any mishaps. Of course, decorating the Christmas tree can also be done with your dog and you can even get them to place some ornaments - always with care. Be sure to take lots of pictures to remember these holidays!


The most delicious Christmas dessert, and not only that, are gingerbread. Do your research on the internet to find the best recipe, or better yet, ask your mum or grandma – they always know best – and start baking melomakarona to spice up the house.

We don't know about you, but we can eat a pan in our living room. Of course, you can't give gingerbread to your pooch, but there is a way to "share" this custom. You can give him to taste some honey.

Honey is a healthy treat that you can give your pet occasionally. Of course, be careful not to overdo it with the amount so as not to cause stomach upsets. In this way it will be as if your beloved dog is participating in this "delicious" custom.

The breaking of the pomegranate

In the New Year it is customary to break a pomegranate to bring good luck to our home. This custom exists in many Greek cities and is associated with luck, health and happiness for the new year.

So, throw the pomegranate with all your might so that it breaks and we hope that the new year will be one of the best of your life. Now as for your dog, you can give him some pomegranate seeds, but always with caution.

Clean the seeds well and give him a small amount of this healthy fruit. Somehow, even if he doesn't break the pomegranate, your dog can participate in the New Year's custom.

Have a good and happy holidays!

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