Electrical Engineer Converts Jet Linked to Aristotle Onassis into Oregon Oasis (PHOTOS)

Bruce Campbell Aristotle Onassis boeing plane Boeing 727

A man in the USA turned a Boeing plane into a house, but this specific plane is not just like any other as it was one which carried the remains of Aristotle Onassis.

An electrical engineer by profession, 73-year-old Bruce Campbell had a dream to live in an airplane since the age of 15 and he succeeded. This specific plane is the one that carried the body of Aristotle Onassis to be buried in Greece after his death in 1975.

But how did the story begin? In 1999 he turned to a salvage company to find him a plane. After months of searching, the company found the 200-seat Boeing 727 in Greece, and Campbell paid $100,000 to acquire it.

After the deal was closed, the plane flew from Greece to Oregon to be ready for its new owner. There, the engines were removed and when the aircraft was habitable, it was towed to Campbell's estate, through the streets and centre of Hillsborough.

A not particularly economical procedure, since it cost $120,000.

But the expenses did not stop there.

The renovation and decoration

The 73-year-old spent an additional $15,000 to convert the plane into a home. He added a makeshift shower, a sink, a portable washing machine, a refrigerator and a serving cart from another plane, which he uses as a pantry for his food.

His monthly expenses for his "house" amount to $370 a month (about 350 euros), as he pays $220 a month in property taxes and between $100 and $250 a month for electricity.

Campbell spends most of his time repairing old computers and giving tours in his plane.

Though Campbell's Japan-based girlfriend won't move in with him, he keeps company by inviting visitors to stop by for tours 'any time of the day.' But he cautions them to be ready for 'incidental nudity' as he only wears clothes indoors and around the property on an as-needed basis.

Campbell uses some of the jet's old seats as a couch backed up against the wall, and sleeps on a futon with an electric blanket to stave off the Oregon cold in the winter.

'It folds flat for company,' he told CNBC. 'Don't know if I'd be alive if it weren't for the electric blanket.'

The jet currently has no WiFi, and because signals don't penetrate through the fuselage, he gets cellular by leaning his cellphone up against a window.

'I don't shade my cabin windows, I wear no clothing when indoors unless required for task-related protection or warmth,' he noted on his website. 'So exercise a little caution if kids are with you or you're uncomfortable with nudity.'

Bruce Campbell Aristotle Onassis boeing plane

He added that he will dress when visitors do announce themselves and they want a tour or some conversation, but also noted 'no modesty code applies to guests' and invited naturists to freely practice their principles on the property.

Campbell also warned guests that the property can be dangerous to visit, pointing out a laundry list of physical hazards and noting on his website that tourists visit 'at their own risk.'

Just last month, a visitor was injured and transported to the hospital after slipping and falling off the wing of the airplane.

Bruce Campbell Aristotle Onassis boeing plane

Campbell splits his time between his Oregon jet and Japan with his girlfriend, who he said doesn't quite get the jet lifestyle but loves him nonetheless.

'She understands my love of the vision, but it's not really her take on a home environment,' he told CNBC. 'However, it's no problem of course, those sorts of differences are what makes relationships so rich.'

He hopes to one day create other jet homes for himself - one in Japan, and one in New Zealand - and from there thinks the world should adopt the practice and put the scores of retired jets to work as homes.

'I have no regrets about pursuing this vision. In my experience with my guests, I believe that humanity will embrace this vision wholeheartedly in enough proportion that we can utilize every jetliner which retires from service,' he said.

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