Prices for Christmas Dinner Remain Steady or Lower Compared to Last Year, says Development Minister

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In an interview with public broadcaster ERT on Wednesday, Development Minister Kostas Skrekas stated that prices for a Christmas dinner are either lower or on par with last year's prices.

The minister emphasized the government's efforts to ensure that Christmas dinner tables are well-stocked and expressed that necessary food products have been added to the 'Christmas basket'. Skrekas also mentioned that several supermarket chains have already submitted their prices for the goods in the Christmas basket.

Regarding inflation, Skrekas highlighted that the inflation rate for food products decreased by 10 points in November, dropping from 9.9 percent in October to 8.9 percent.

Skrekas further discussed a positive shift in Greek households' income, noting that it has begun to increase. This represents a significant change compared to the last decade or so, during which household incomes experienced a drastic decline due to dropping wages and widespread job loss. The creation of 400,000 jobs in the past four years has contributed to the rise in Greek families' income, as more family members are now employed.

In relation to the 'Santa's Basket', which will be available from December 15, Skrekas explained that it encompasses toys from various categories found in toy stores.

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