The most pet friendly ship in Greece


Those with pets can understand the difficulties one faces when travelling by ship. Options are limited as pets on most ships are only allowed inside if they are small and in their carrier.

For dogs over 15kg, there are special cages on the ship's deck that they can stay in during the trip, with their dog guardian beside them for company. There is no place inside the ship where a dog lover can rest with his beloved four-legged dog by their side.

This can significantly inconvenience people and dogs, especially if it is a long journey. The dogs are forced to stay in one spot, unable to take a short walk to relax themselves.

The situation is more manageable in the summer and on short trips, but if it is long, long trips and in not the best weather conditions, it will inevitably a bad trip.

Fortunately, in recent years, some cruise lines have pet-friendly cabins where a dog owner can stay with his pup. The well-known entrepreneur and travel blogger Matina Dimitriadou, or simply Mati, recently travelled and shared her experience with the ship Anemos from Aegean Sea Lines.

Mati is inseparable from her dog, Millie, and they go everywhere together. She has travelled to many places and made many videos quoting her experiences from cafes, restaurants, a hotel or now from the Aegean Sea Lines Wind.

As she shares with us in a related video on her Instagram and TikTok, this particular ship is the most dog-friendly ship she has travelled with the beautiful Millie, and she explains the reasons.


Εχετε ξαναδει κάτι παρομοιο σε ελληνικο πλοιο? Ταξιδεψαμε με το Anemos απο Aegean Sea Lines και ειναι η πρωτη φορά που βλεπω pet lounge. Αν γνωριζετε κι αλλες εταιρειες γράψτε μου στα σχόλια. ✨💖 #ferry #σκυλος #σκυλομανα #μιλητικτοκερ #τικτοκgreece #ελληνικοτικτοκ #σκυλοσυμβουλες #matiandmillie #σκυλακια🐶🐶 #σκυλογονεις #διακοπες #ταξιδιμεσκυλο #σιφνος

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First, the Anemos staff were amiable, warmly welcomed Mati and Millie and showed them around the ship.

But what impressed Mati the most was a specially designed pet lounge where someone could sit with their pet, rest and comfortably drink their coffee if they didn't want to be constantly on the ship's deck, in the sun and the heat.

This space left a very positive impression on her as she had never seen anything like it on a ship before, and it was very convenient for both her and Millie, who we are sure enjoys every trip.

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Of course, this particular ship could not have a comfortable pet-friendly cabin so that Mati and her company could sleep until they arrived after several hours in Sifnos.

It is essential that now our four-legged friends can be almost everywhere with us. From a simple neighbourhood cafe to a ship bound for our favourite island.

We hope that those of you who are dog parents who have travelled or plan to travel by ship have as pleasant and relaxing an experience as Mati with Millie did.

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