European Collaboration Expedites Repatriation of Rejected Asylum Seekers


On Wednesday, Greece, alongside Spain, Italy, and Cyprus, executed a joint operation coordinated by Frontex, the EU border agency, to repatriate individuals whose asylum applications had been rejected. This collaborative effort resulted in the return of 48 individuals, 24 Georgians and 24 Pakistanis, prioritizing cases processed swiftly at the Amygdaleza detention centre in Attica since Tuesday.

The Greek Migration Ministry's Asylum Service, dedicated to upholding legal procedures, reviewed and finalized these cases, ensuring adherence to established protocols. Officials from the Attica Directorate and the Asylum Service's Returns Directorate facilitated the process at Athens Airport, ensuring a smooth and efficient repatriation.

This operation demonstrates the importance of international cooperation in managing migration challenges. By working together, European nations can effectively address complex issues while upholding the rights and dignity of all individuals involved.

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