Costas Simitis Receives Honorary Fellowship from London School of Economics

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Costas Simitis, who headed Greece’s 1996-2004 socialist government as prime minister, received an honorary fellowship from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) “for his exemplary contributions to society,” at a ceremony on Friday.
Simitis, an LSE alum, was distinguished for the “seriousness, reformism and personal integrity” of his leadership,” the respected university said in a statement.

“While in office, Dr Simitis’ most notable achievements included a wide-ranging modernization project and his oversight of Greece’s adoption of the euro,” it added.

The award was presented by the director of the LSE Hellenic Observatory, an honorary Greek citizen, Professor Kevin Featherstone, who said: “LSE has long had a very special relationship with Greece, reflected in its student recruitment, the eminence in public life and business of its graduates, and the development of the Hellenic Observatory. It is very fitting, then, that the school honored one of its most high-profile Greek alumni.”

LSE has conferred honorary fellowships on the likes of professors Karl Popper, Amartya Sen, and Friedrich Hayek.

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