Zagori: The official ceremony for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List in May


The creation of a management office for the cultural landscape of Zagori, which will be housed in the Paschalio School in Kapesovo, as well as an electronic information platform, will be the first actions that will take place in the context of the inclusion of the Municipality of Zagori in the UNESCO list of cultural landscapes.

The official ceremony for which will take place on May 24 and 25, in the presence of leading actors of UNESCO and of course the Greek political leadership.

The Minister of Culture handed over the parchment with the registration of Zagori in the list of cultural landscapes of UNESCO to the Mayor of Zagori, Giorgos Soukouvelos.


As the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni explained during the broad meeting held in the Region of Epirus, "It is a series of actions that must be taken so that in December 2024 to have fully met our obligations, to reach the official declaration of Zagori as a Cultural Heritage Monument of the Unesco List next May".

Lina Mendoni also underlined the importance of the inclusion in the UNESCO world heritage list of the entire Municipality of Zagori, which is happening for the first time: "The Municipality of Zagori is the first Municipality in the territory that is an entire Unesco monument. We have UNESCO monuments in at least 18 other municipalities."


"Here we have the entire UNESCO Monument Municipality. And this is a huge honour, a huge success for the country, for Epirus, but also a very big responsibility for the Municipality and the Mayor who today represents all the settlements and villages of Zagori."

For his part, the Regional Governor Alexandros Kahrimanis, after thanking the Minister for their perfect cooperation, stated: "We discussed the obligations we have from now on to put things in order, as we worked until today. As we have said, we are not only for the celebrations but also for the work, which requires consistency, and we will do it."

Bridges of Zagori

The Mayor of Zagori, Giorgos Soukouvelos, expressed his satisfaction with the conclusions of the meeting and emphasised: "From now on, we also have obligations. We discussed the schedule until May when the official ceremony will take place. Zagori is now changing course."

During her visit to Epirus, the Minister of Culture she also held a meeting at the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina with the heads of the Museums on the certification process of the four major museums of the Region, which is expected to be completed in the first months of the new year.

Zagori Lakes of Drakolimni

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