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Epirote dance association of Thessaloniki

A very Merry Christmas, done the Epirote way! (VIDEO)

The Epirote Dance Association of Thessaloniki released an impressive Christmas carol done in the traditional style of northwestern Greece. Due to strict COVID-19 restrictions, the musicians and singers performed the Christmas carol…

Netflix thriller to be shot in Greece

Netflix thriller ‘Born to Be Murdered’ filmed in Greece

Greece is becoming a filming hub. Netflix announced that they secured the exclusive rights to Luca Guadagnino’s movie ‘Born to Be Murdered’ starring actor John David Washington and Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander. The new movie…

Zagori Lakes of Drakolimni

Discovering Zagori: a mountainous expanse of stunning beauty

Greece is a world of hidden gems, one of which is Zagori – a mountainous expanse of stunning beauty in the Pindus mountain range and a must see destination for lovers of nature, trekking and authentic Greek culture.

Chameria Association accuses Greece of a genocide 4

Chameria Association accuses Greece of a genocide

The Chameria Association of Albania and many other organisations, have accused Greece of a genocide and called for a return of their property and free movement in Greece. Cham Albanians are one…

See the new vehicles of the Hellenic Police 12

See the new vehicles of the Hellenic Police

The Hellenic Police welcomed 70 new vehicles to their fleet. The cars are already painted in its colours and have been delivered to the specific regions, reported News Auto. These vehicles were…


Curfew violations continue to rise in Greece

Greek authorities reported 1,916 violations of the curfew restrictions on Wednesday, imposed to stop the spread of coronavirus throughout Greece. The majority were recorded in the region of Attica (824), on the…


Celebrating the Liberation of Ioannina

Ioannina, the largest city of Epirus was incorporated into the Greek state on the 21st of February 1913, after the Battle of Bizani in the Balkan Wars. The city’s formal name, Ioannina,…


Historic Plaka Bridge is fully restored after extensive repair

  The historic single-arch bridge of Plaka, in the northern Greece region of Epirus, which collapsed due to torrential rains in 2015, is up and standing after extensive repair, restoration and reinforcement work. Located in Epirus’ famed Zagori region,…