Ano Pedina: Zagorochoria's hidden jewel

Ano Pedina Zagorochoria

The beautiful village is ideal for those who want to relax in tranquillity close to nature.

When speaking of Epirus, it is impossible to ignore the Zagorochoria as it boasts of mountains, forests, and rivers. Zagorochoria comprises 50 or so villages, which have mansions, bridges, stone, water, cobblestones, and beautiful slopes.

However, it is worth focusing on the special beauty and grace of one of the villages, which brings together all those characteristics of Zagori. Ano Pedina, built at an altitude of almost 1000 metres, is an amazing destination in terms of natural beauty and aesthetic experience since the stone-paved paths and the famous cobblestones that cross the village give travellers a fairytale feeling.

With a small plateau at its feet, well-preserved stone houses, homely cobbled streets and quality guest houses, this picturesque and peaceful village in Central Zagori, just 40 minutes from Ioannina, is an ideal choice for those looking for a good base to explore the area. It can thus be either part of an excursion with a wider reference to Central Zagori or an occasion for a one-day escape.

Ano Pedina Zagorochoria

It is a village built specifically at an altitude of 960 metres above a small plateau on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi.

In your quest to discover the historic village, which was originally called Ano Sudena, the two holy sites of the village will help you: The Monastery of Evangelistria, at the entrance of the village, which was built in 1793 and has a strong fortress appearance, especially from the northeast side, and the church of Agios Dimitrios (1793) with the old school which houses the library of Neophytos Doukas with rare works. The depiction of ancient Greek philosophers and historians in a small inner dome of the monastery is noteworthy.

Ano Pedina Zagorochoria

Beyond your walk in the village, however, whose houses have been sculpted with the special architectural colour of Epirus, Ano Pedina can be the starting point for other excursions in the wider area.

The neighbouring settlement of Elafotopo is definitely worth a visit. Nearby, you will find many interesting villages (Vitsa, Monodendri, Aristi, Papigo, etc.), full of old churches and stone bridges. At a very close distance is the amphitheatrically built and equally beautiful Vitsa, another attractive destination in terms of natural beauty.

If you get hungry during your stay in Ano Pedina, the tavern Ta Sudena, famous for its chicken pie and wild boar with leeks, is one of the best in Zagorochoria. Regarding your hospitality again, Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel is of a high standard, in harmony with the Zagori landscape, while high-level dishes that interact with the trends of fine dining will be found at the restaurant Skandzochoiros, located inside the hotel.

Ano Pedina Zagorochoria

Similarly, the Ameliko Zagori Hotel is the definition of a comfy place since it will accommodate you in beautiful rooms with simple decorations, handmade wooden furniture, comfortable beds and a fireplace.

Here, you will find a restaurant within the accommodation unit serving traditional dishes with aromas and flavours made with pure raw materials. Finally, the Amaryllis Guest House is a 19th-century stone-built mansion that evokes Zagoris traditional architecture and offers all the comforts.

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