Kamari: Crystal clear blue waters in a relaxed atmosphere only an hour and a half from Athens


This village of Corinthia supplies all of Greece with its delicious fruits.

As we approach the warm part of the year, an excursion to the shores of the Corinthian Gulf, specifically Kamari, the first settlement after Xylokastro if starting from Athens, is a perfect getaway.

In recent years, several remarkable accommodations have been created in Kamari. Thus, in combination with the nice tavernas by the sea, the proximity to Athens, and the good prices, this coastal village of Corinthia is an excellent choice for a day at the sea or a family vacation of several days.

Since Xylokastro can be extremely busy, especially on high-season weekends, Kamari is an excellent choice for those who want to relax by the sea.


The beach of Kamari is 2-3 kilometres long and pebbly, and tamarind trees offer natural shade in several places. As is the case throughout the south side of the Corinthian, the waters are obvious and deepen rapidly. It is generally protected from the winds.

All this contributes to Kamari being a wonderful choice if you want to spend time in the water.



The trees that reach all over Greece

Kamari is known not only to the residents of the wider area or those who like to vacation in Corinthos but also to those involved in the agricultural sector, especially in cultivating fruit trees.

Many nurseries are based here, and they supply olive, citrus, and pistachio seedlings to growers all over Greece. This specialisation started many years ago and is passed down from generation to generation. Today, almost half of the families living permanently in Kamari have professional connections with nurseries.

This occupation gives a beautiful image to the settlement, as the well-kept nurseries create the feeling of large gardens for the visitor. The area is also famous for the production of lemons.



In Kamari, there is still a Primary School and a Folklore Museum, which hosts exhibits related to the traditional professions of other times.

A notable and well-known village building is the house where the former prime minister, Panagis Tsaldaris, was born and raised. It is a stone mansion that has stood in its place for almost 200 years. With the characteristic tiles, wooden windows and front doors that characterised all houses when it was built.

Next to the house, there is a bust of Panagi Tsaldaris.

Tsaldaris was prime minister in the interwar period and Eleftherios Venizelos's most important political opponent after the Asia Minor Disaster. However, this did not prevent him from maintaining high political morals during one of the most politically tense times in Greek history.

View reminiscent of an airplane


If you are in the area, it is definitely worth visiting the Monastery of Panagia Korfiotissa. You can reach it by car, but we recommend walking from the path. The road is uphill, and crossing it in the afternoon in the summer is good.

This way, you will avoid too much heat and enjoy the amazing view towards the Gulf of Corinth, Patras, the opposite coasts of Central Greece, and the Isthmus of Corinth.

From the top of the monastery, at an altitude of 730 meters, the view is comparable to that of an airplane passenger from his window. The sunset from there is one of the most beautiful in Greece.

How to get there?

Kamari is 5 kilometres from Xylokastro, 130 kilometres from Athens, 30 kilometres from Trikalain Corinthia, 90 kilometres from Patras, and about 70 kilometres from Kalavrita. To get there from Athens, it will take about an hour and a half, while from Patras, it will take about 70 minutes.

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