Guide to Ioannina, the heart of Epirus


Ioannina connects the past and future. The capital of Epirus sparkles with youthful vitality but also moves you because of its history and flavours. The city educates, entertains and opens up to the rest of Europe. Ioannina, with one foot in the mountain and the other in the water of Pamvotida, is all of the above and much more.

Ioannina, Epirus
Quiet street in Ioannina

Located in Western Greece, which connects the country to the Adriatic and the Balkans, Ioannina is defined by its geographical peculiarities.

First and foremost, Lake Pamvotida, with the island in the middle, is the city's landmark. It is a mirror of the historical city and a reflection of its timeless greatness. The lake brings back a constant reminder of the Islamic and Jewish elements of the city in a reflection of the multicultural character of Ioannina.

lake Pamvotida Ioannina
Lake Pamvotida

However, the Pindos mountain range is also just a breath away from the city. Ioannina is a base for this spectacularly location, which also includes the ski resort of Vasilitsa.

Less than an hour away from Ioannina, there is that route that mountain lovers need to enjoy: Zagorochoria.

Village in Zagorochoria

There is also the young side. Ioannina is a student town, and thousands of teenagers and young adults claim the entertainment space and contribute to artistic expression in a city fertile with visual arts and theatre.

Street art in Ioannina
Street art in Ioannina

However, the city also has a rich culinary tradition.

Ioannina is famous for its sweet and savoury pies, local meats, and a variety of sweets, especially baklava.

Of course, visiting Ioannina must include the special local meze, frog legs.

Fried frog legs epirus ioannina
Fried frog legs, a speciality of Epirus

Natural beauty, history, fun, entertainment, wonderful flavours. The journey to cosmopolitan Ioannina is a journey through time with many varied stops. It is a journey that will satisfy every discerning traveller and unite the experience of taste, entertainment, and history.

Silversmith Museum Ioannina, Epirus
The Silversmith Museum

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  1. Ioannina and.Parga just opposite to Kerkyra (Corfu). Where our family village was, nothing but nothing, not even the stone walls, exist today was once listed at the start of the last Bourne movie – Tsamantas. Only it was actually Spain as the Tsipras regime refused tax credits to the company. SHAME on the half Iperot Tsipras. But not far away is a river and a bridge with our family name, although why my aged dad has NO idea.

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