Aoos Springs Lake: See the Epirote delight from above

Aoos Springs Lake

Aoos Springs Lake is located in Epirus, about 20 km northwest of Metsovo, and combines a unique labyrinth of streams, small natural lakes, and extensive mountain meadows bursting with life.

The lake is at the heart of the Pindus mountain range, wedged between two national parks, Valia Kalda and Vikos-Aoos, and is spread over 11.5 square kilometres. Its depth varies significantly from one section to another, ranging from just one metre to 80 metres, and the deepest point is close to power utility PPC’s dam at the Aoos River.

See Aoos Spring Lake from above:

In 1991, power utility PPC decided to develop a dam at the Aoos River so that it could harness the spring waters. This major project contributed significantly to the country’s energy needs, as it is estimated to have increased Greece’s hydro-power capacity by 7 percent.

Besides boosting Greece’s power production capacity, the dam has also offered widespread beauty, enhancing the plateau. Since the project’s construction, a set of small ponds, streams, surrounding meadows, a lacy shoreline with lush inlets and islets have all developed.

These new local features have resulted in an idyllic setting that nowadays attracts visitors to the region, especially in summer. The area’s flora and fauna is a strong draw.

Birds that like to live close to lakes, rivers and forests are dominant here. Bird species include cuckoos, black storks, common kingfishers, Eurasian woodcocks and wood pigeons.

Don’t be surprised if you spot salamanders, frogs, bears, wolves, rabbits, foxes, even deer, in the area.

The waters, too, host lots of wildlife, including alpine newts. Macedonian crested newts, both very comfortable with the location’s sub-alpine climate, as well as eels, West Balkan trout, Eurasian carp, and Danube sturgeon.

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