CRETE: Major charges for a Pakistani man who beat up an elderly woman in Ierapetra

Pakistani arrested handcuffs Evia

A 26-year-old foreigner got drunk and beat an 86-year-old in her house in the Gra Lygia area of ​​Ierapetra, Crete.

For no reason and without her even knowing, the Pakistani barged into the older woman's home shortly after 3 pm on Thursday and began punching her all over her body, Proto Thema reported.

The woman managed to defend herself by causing cuts on his face with her hands while at the same time calling for help, causing the perpetrator to run away.

However, because of the footage recorded by security cameras they were able to identify him, along with the descriptions given by the neighbours and the scratches caused by the older woman on his face, the police arrested him.

The 86-year-old woman, who was taken to the hospital with bruises on her face and body, testified that the young man had also invaded her home at 10 am on Thursday but had not bothered her.

As it was established, the 26-year-old Pakistani is in the country illegally and was charged with causing dangerous bodily harm, disturbing the peace and trespassing of the legislation on foreigners.

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