Taxation Changes for Property Owners and the Short-Term Rental Market

real estate Property market in Greece set to rebound after covid-19

A series of changes is expected in the way property owners are taxed from the beginning of 2024, with most of them focusing on facilitating citizens.

Interventions that will change the map in the short-term rental market are also imminent.

The changes to be carried out aim to:

  • Make the process of transferring or acquiring a property easier for the taxpayer, significantly reducing the time required to do so, as well as the volume of supporting documents required.
  • Enhance tax justice, especially in the case of short-term leases. An attempt is being made to equate these properties with hotels, as far as this is possible.

Therefore, those who operate more than two properties will be treated as entrepreneurs by the Tax Office, which means they will have to follow a specific roadmap.

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