Combating Fan Violence: New Measures Proposed by Sports Minister

Paok Violence

Alternate Sports Minister, Yiannis Vroutsis, has announced his consideration of seven new measures to combat fan violence, which he plans to present at the next cabinet meeting.

These measures include stricter regulations for fan clubs, the creation of a digital register for fan clubs, the modernization and digitization of electronic surveillance at sports venues, the enhancement of the permanent committee's operations and responsibilities in combating violence, the implementation of stronger administrative measures by the state to tackle delinquency, and the introduction of a delinquency clause for football clubs that fail to comply with the measures.

Specifically, the number of fan clubs is expected to be reduced to only one per team, operating with the consent of the relevant football club. In terms of modernizing and digitizing electronic surveillance at sports venues, any malfunctions discovered during routine checks will result in matches being held behind closed doors. Additionally, there will be updated regulations for electronic ticketing, including technologies to identify ticket owners.

Administrative measures to address delinquency will include penalties, such as matches without spectators, for incidents involving the throwing of firecrackers, torches, smoke generators, flares, and any other flammable materials capable of causing physical harm.


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