The pink Greek flag is removed from the Consulate General of Greece in New York

pink greek flag

A... pink Greek flag, hosted in an exhibition at the Consulate General of Greece in New York, in collaboration with the Hellenic-American Chamber, forced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to withdraw it to prevent further criticisms and controversy.

Yesterday, the head of the "Niki" party, Dimitris Natsios, highlighted the issue, brandishing a photo of the pink Greek flag.

"Is it possible to present our flag in pink to mock our national symbol? The flag changes colour only when it is dyed red by the blood of our people's struggles," he said.

As Mr. Natsios pointed out, speaking of "rags", our flag, instead of blue and white, is made of bedclothes and in pink.

In fact, this flag is hosted in the Greek Consulate General in New York as part of an exhibition by Georgia Lale, which deals with the phenomenon of domestic violence and crimes involving women as victims.

As explained, "The work of art is created from sheets donated by women living in Greece. These women seemingly have little in common, but they are all lying on these sheets, desperate and scared."

“The majority of femicide victims are murdered in their homes and in their beds. Their lives end in the bed they make each morning. Their sheets absorb their blood," the exhibition organisers said.

In other words, it is a symbolically painted pink flag, which aims to highlight the thorny issue of domestic violence and the dimensions it has taken.

Despite its symbolic character, however, by order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Giorgos Gerapetritis, the pink Greek flag is immediately withdrawn from the Consulate General of Greece exhibition in New York.

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