PornHub revealed what Greeks preferred to watch in 2023


Pornhub did its "Year in Review", which has upheavals in searches but also a different Top 5.

After popular searches on Google for 2023 both in Greece and abroad, it was the turn of Pornhub to reveal what users searched for the most in the year that ended in a few days.

Specifically, it released its global annual report on fetish with the most searches in 2023.

As the Daily Mail reports, the favourite is content with older ages since users searched "Cougar" (the woman seeking sexual relationships with much younger men), "DILF" (Dad I'd Like to F###), MILF (Mother I'd Like to F###), and "sexy grandma."

The second most popular category was 'Super Size'; the terms 'large' and 'larger' increased by 177% worldwide.

In the US, searches for 'big a...', 'BBC' and 'big ti...' were among the most popular, with the latter term rising significantly in the rankings.

In third place were searches related to technology, artificial intelligence, or "sex machines". In particular, users searched for terms such as "sex robots", "AI robots", "3D robots" and "anime robots".

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The fourth most popular category was 'uniforms', highlighting people's fetish for military, police and uniformed professions. This search has surpassed uniforms such as maid or teacher, etc.

Specifically, they increased by 332%, with the term "female soldier" ranking as the fifth most popular, above "soldier" and "gay soldier".

The fifth most popular category was 'sexual therapy', with terms such as 'massage therapy', 'sex therapy' and 'foot therapy'. Searches for “treatment” increased during the year, up 344% globally from 2022.

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What Greeks watch on Pornhub

However, Pornhub also published what users viewed the most in each country, giving each category a colour.

As shown on the map, based on colour, what Greeks saw the most was lesbian porn.

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