Christos Lentzos: The creator of the most famous frappe in Greece died at the age of 93

Christos Lentzos creator frappe

Starting as a pastry shop in 1964, Lentzos experimented with different doses of coffee and arrived at the formula that would make his frappe legendary. Its secret remains even today... unsealed.

Christos Lenzos, creator of the most famous frappe in Greece, passed away at the age of 93.

Christos Lentzos

In the bustling heart of Athens, in Pagrati, there was a cafe that went beyond the ordinary. This was "Lentzos", a name that became synonymous with the best and most popular frappe in Greece.

The recipe remained a sealed secret for many years. And what had not been said by word of mouth. Sour cream, egg, baking powder and even meringue were coined by urban legend as ingredients for success.

The frappe of the legendary Lenzos looked like... a snack. And as long as the secret was kept, the people of Pagrati stayed up early in the evening on the chairs of Eftychidou Street to enjoy what they couldn't drink elsewhere.

The secret of its irresistible charm? A brave dose of coffee and sugar, mixed vigorously in a large glass blender, not plastic. This simple but effective technique was the cornerstone of the rich and creamy texture of the frappe.

From its morning opening at 5 am until the evening hours of 2-3 am, he served hundreds of coffees daily to a diverse clientele, including early-rising police officers, EMS drivers, students, and people of all ages and backgrounds.

Christos Lentzos also became more famous than the inventor of the national drink, Dimitris Vakondios, who first created it in 1957.

Starting as a luxury pastry shop in 1964, he experimented one day with different doses of coffee and stumbled upon the formula that would make the cafe of legend.

The frappe in Lentzos was not just a drink; it was an institution, a part of the cultural fabric of Athens.

Christos Lentzos frappe

Despite the rumours, there were no secret ingredients. The magic was in the copious use of coffee and sugar and the meticulous mixing process. Each coffee came out sweet from the blender, and for those who preferred a milder taste, he added an extra scoop of coffee on top, known as a "cap", to tone down the sweetness.

In February 2013, the iconic cafe closed its doors, marking the end of an era. Factors such as the rise of espresso, the opening of new cafes and accumulated debts played a role in this decision.

The legacy of Lentzos lives on, not only in the memories of its patrons but also in a song. In 1982, a song by Manos Rasoulis and Christos Nikolopoulos, sung by Dimitris Kontogiannis, immortalised the cafe, telling a bittersweet love story that takes place within its walls.

Hear the song:

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