Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon on same-sex marriages: "Leave Americanism, this is Greece! We're conservative"

Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon

Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon expressed his categorical opposition to the marriages of same-sex couples, speaking at the Christmas event of the Conservatory of his Metropolis.

Defending the "traditional, Greek, Orthodox family" which we "support", Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon used high tones for those criticising his positions and stressed that Greece is not the United States.

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"We support the family, even if someone considers us conservative. Yes, that's the kind of maintenance we want. Yeah, we're conservative, what do you want?" he emphasised.

"We are conservative. Enjoy your progress. Enjoy the darkness of your progress. We are conservative and will remain conservative. Yes, we want to be conservative. Do you like it? And if you like it and if it works for you, we will be conservative and support the family, loving every person without exception," the metropolitan said.

Continuing his speech, Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon noted that he does not reject anyone.

"We respect everyone, but I also demand that they respect us. And don't make fun of us, that's enough! That's enough! We demand to be respected. We demand that they respect us, respect our father and our mother—the graves of our parents - and to finally learn to respect them", he said, adding: "Leave the Americanism. This is Greece. Here is Greece."

The Metropolitan also protested the term 'homophobic'. "Nobody dares to say a word. 'Homophobia'. Where did you find it? Where did you find it? Come on, you've blinded us with your false progress," he said.

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