Metropolitan of Messinia on same-sex parenting: "The child will develop in a psychologically unhealthy environment"

Chrysostomos Savatos, Metropolitan of Messinia same-sex

"Which parental model will the child who grows up in a same-sex environment have in terms of his behaviour and his position in society?" asked the Metropolitan of Messinia regarding marriage in same-sex couples and childbearing when speaking on television.

"It is not a normal growth and development of this child," Metropolitan of Messinia, Chrysostomos Savatos, said on Friday morning to SKAI.

"Heterosexual couples who adopt a child go through a psychological examination, doesn't that mean something? Do they not see that adoption between same-sex couples is scientifically impossible? I leave the social impact aside..." he added.

“Are we falsely starting to legislate something to show what? That we are progressive? A right of everyone cannot operate at the expense of another's life," the Metropolitan continued.

Regarding cohabitation, he clarified: "Cohabitation is their matter; the church is not involved in it."

"We don't reject anyone, anyone who wants to come to the church, but the church cannot make a commitment to not to speak its mind," he said. "Mr. Georgiadis ensures his own right to legislate, and he does well, and the church consolidates its own right to say what its teaching is."

"It is a given that the child will develop in a psychologically unhealthy environment, and that is our problem," he stated, adding, "the child enters into a relationship between two people, which is not normal for the church."

Finally, regarding the issue of surrogate mothers, he said: "Women's organisations have not spoken about this issue, why? How do they perceive its role? What do they say about surrogate mothers? Will women become a procreative mechanism? Let them give us an answer."

Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon on same-sex marriages: “Leave Americanism, this is Greece! We’re conservative”

Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon expressed his categorical opposition to the marriages of same-sex couples, speaking at the Christmas event of the Conservatory of his Metropolis.

Defending the “traditional, Greek, Orthodox family” which we “support”, Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon used high tones for those criticising his positions and stressed that Greece is not the United States when speaking earlier this week.

Watch the video:

“We support the family, even if someone considers us conservative. Yes, that’s the kind of maintenance we want. Yeah, we’re conservative, what do you want?” he emphasised.

“We are conservative. Enjoy your progress. Enjoy the darkness of your progress. We are conservative and will remain conservative. Yes, we want to be conservative. Do you like it? And if you like it and if it works for you, we will be conservative and support the family, loving every person without exception,” the metropolitan said.

Continuing his speech, Metropolitan Fthiotida Symeon noted that he does not reject anyone.

“We respect everyone, but I also demand that they respect us. And don’t make fun of us, that’s enough! That’s enough! We demand to be respected. We demand that they respect us, respect our father and our mother—the graves of our parents – and to finally learn to respect them”, he said, adding: “Leave the Americanism. This is Greece. Here is Greece.”

The Metropolitan also protested the term ‘homophobic’. “Nobody dares to say a word. ‘Homophobia’. Where did you find it? Where did you find it? Come on, you’ve blinded us with your false progress,” he said.

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