Tesla hit and run? See what happened to a Greek owner (video)


If you accidentally hit a Tesla, you better not get "smoked" because Musk's Big Brother is recording you. See what happened to a Greek owner...

The emergence of Tesla and its global dominance is because these cars were designed from the ground up, without the shackles of the past and with new, interesting ideas to a large extent.

Digital systems and cameras around the car dominate every model of Elon Musk's creation. Cameras that work for the autonomous driving system but, in some cases, also serve as security systems.

Each Tesla is therefore equipped with a set of 8 tiny cameras, which, in a function called sentry mode, record what is happening around the car in the absence of the driver.

This happened in the specific case that we see in the video. The driver of a Tesla arrived at his parked vehicle and discovered a large dent in the front hood.

In other cases, the driver would be out of luck even if the "victim" hadn't left a note. However, the user of this Tesla only had to go to the camera menu and see the recording of what had been done.

As we can see, the hit was made by a Daihatsu Terios, which fell with force in the night on the front hood of the Tesla, and then he left the crash spot. As we see, the Tesla driver has taken the whole situation in stride and invoked the simple move that everyone "forgets" to do, to leave a note.

The insurance companies have a say from then on, as the visual material is an irrefutable witness of what happened during the night.


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