Androulakis: Golden visa should have been abolished 'yesterday'

Nikos Androulakis

On Friday, opposition PASOK-KINAL leader Nikos Androulakis announced the start of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the acute housing problem in Greece and urged Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to abolish the golden visa "yesterday", as Ireland has done.

Speaking on SKAI television, Androulakis urged the prime minister "to stop operating the Maximos Mansion like a real estate agency". He said raising the golden visa limit to 500,000 euros in Athens while leaving it at 250,000 euros in Piraeus still needs to address the problems.

"The golden visa was a policy implemented in many European countries due to the 10-year economic crisis. The measure has reached its limits, and that is why it is being abolished or suspended. Ireland, Portugal and Spain did it. Mr Mitsotakis is continuing a growth that is dehellenising the Greek economy," Androulakis said.

He also criticised the government's measures to regulate the short-term lease market and the government's move to push the Athens mayor out of the administration of a company dealing with the city's redevelopment.

Asked about the possibility of collaborating with other political parties, Androulakis said that such collaboration "must be built in Parliament and society" and that cooperation with a "party that denies reality" was impossible.

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