3 songs by Vasilis Karras that we will remember forever

Vasilis Karras

The singer Vasilis Karras passed away on Christmas Eve at the age of 70 from a heart attack. He was hospitalised with coronavirus while suffering from cancer.

Born in a village in Kavala, Vasilis Karras moved to Thessaloniki with his family when he was young and made his first singing appearance at the age of 16.

A popular voice, identified for decades with evening entertainment, starting from Northern Greece and gradually making the great descent to Athens and the big music stages.

The characteristic depth of his voice, the timbre that stood out among dozens of others and his comfort on the dance floor were some of the elements that marked his career. His directness with the world made him extremely popular, while he received the same love from the creators who entrusted him with his songs.

He had collaborated with dozens of well-known composers and lyricists, while many of the songs that made him known throughout Greece were his own creations.

No matter what kind of music one listens to, one cannot help but recognise his talent, his larger-than-life personality and the kindness he showed throughout his life.

From his vast discography, we singled out three of his songs that we will never forget.

A song that was released in 1994 and given to Giannis Pario and Konstantina.

In the same year, he wrote Gela Mou, which Despina Vandi performed in her first steps.

Pyx Lax also trusted this incredible voice, specifically Manos Xydos, who gave him the song Astin na leye.

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