Rapti: Tourism education of strategic importance; messages for 2024 very encouraging

Karpathos greek island tourism

Deputy Tourism Minister Elena Rapti, in an interview with AMNA on Monday (Christmas), pointed out that tourism education for the development of a modern, sustainable and quality tourism model is of strategic importance and referred to the fact that 80 per cent of Higher School of Tourism Education and Tourism Ministry' Vocational Training Institutes (IEK) students are absorbed by the labour market.

She also said that the Tourism Ministry had launched the most extensive subsidised educational programme for workers and temporary unemployed in the tourism industry.

At least 18,000 participants will receive 1,250 euros in compensation for their participation. Referring to the significant problem of the workers' housing at tourism destinations, she noted that the ministry is seeking solutions such as real estate development and, in parallel, is examining the possibility of turning old hotels into residences.

At the same time, Rapti, referring to the development of alternative forms of tourism, noted that the Tourism ministry is striving to upgrade the existing and promote the construction of new infrastructure works that will concern the alternative forms of tourism, such as the diving and underwater tourism, the cycling tourism, the agro-tourism and the gastronomy tourism.

Rapti also expressed her optimism, saying the messages from abroad are encouraging for 2024.

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