Snik: The Christmas photo the trapper uploaded with Marta Aharonian

Snik Trapper

The trapper generally keeps his personal life out of the public eye.

Snik has fallen in love with Marta Aharonian, with whom he even uploaded a joint snapshot. In it, they posed with a Christmas tree and the trapper's record hanging on the wall in the background and, while Snik tagged his girlfriend.

See the photo:

The 29-year-old from Armenia has been in a relationship with the trapper for the last few months, while she often posts on social media material from their joint appearances.
It is not known how long the couple has been together, but the first videos that Marta Aharonian posted on her personal TikTok account date back to August.

The two had vacationed in Sivota and had also traveled to Paris together. In the summer they were even seen in the centre of Athens, where the camera captured them. They had also most recently visited Japan.

In addition to being a TikToker, Marta Aharonian is also an entrepreneur, having opened her own space in Kifissia this year, with grooming services. She is also the mother of a 7-year-old girl, with whom she often posts material on her social media accounts.

She has four siblings, one sister and three brothers, with whom she maintains very good relations, as evidenced by her publications.


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