Vasilis Karras: "He fought his illness more than anyone else," said Peggy Zina

Peggy Zina, Vasilis Karras

Peggy Zina spoke about Vasilis Karras on the morning of Monday, December 25, one day after his death at the age of 70. The great singer of the folk scene left after a battle with cancer, something that Peggy Zina also mentioned on the show "Connections".

"I had known Vasilis before I became a singer when he sang with my mother. He was the man who treated her career more generously than any other artist. When I joined the scene, I happened to work with him; we had a very warm relationship, and we even shared a song. Vasilis was very generous, very sweet, very authentic as an artist and very humorous. All areas of music accepted him," Peggy Zina initially said.

She continued, emphasising that: "Vasilis was very generous; he was a sweet person with a lot of humour and authentic as an artist. Very authentic, so that all areas of Greek music accepted him. Many different creators and artists collaborated with him. Christmas Eve was the most uncomfortable we have ever experienced, I think both my colleagues and I. Folk singers always sing a lot of songs by Vasilis Karras because he has the most popular hits of the last 25-30 years, it was very uncomfortable today, and the people were also very surprised. I got a lot of love and a lot of emotion tonight."

Finally, Peggy Zina said: "The only thing that comforts me is that Vasilis Karras fought a lot with his illness, more than anyone; we know that in this space, so maybe he deserved such a blessed day to travel to heaven with his soul free .'

The "farewell" from the tracks to Vasilis Karras

The night entertainment yesterday was different, with the artists appearing on the tracks and saying goodbye to him in their own way.

From the stage, in the nightclub that appears, Nikos Oikonomopoulos dedicated the evening to Vasilis Karras, "a great chapter in music", as he described him.


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Paola sang "From North to South" with footage of Karras playing on the screens behind her.


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Without being able to hide his emotion, Antonis Remos said: "Let's dedicate some of his songs to him so that his little soul can go up there, to find Pantelis and all our friends who are up there. We will always remember him, we will always sing about him."


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Natasa Theodoridou sang for him, "Nichta Xelogiastra", with the patrons applauding her.


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