The last farewell to Vasilis Karras LIVE in his hometown, Kokkinohori Kavala

Vasilis Karras

In his birthplace in Kokkinohori Kavala, the epilogue is being written today for the great folk performer Vasilis Karras, who passed away at the age of 70 on Christmas Eve.

Many at the Holy Church of Agios Nestoros to farewell Vasilis Karras have been there since the morning.

Watch live:

A little before 10 in the morning, the brother of the beloved singer also arrived at the church.

The arrival of Vasilis Karras' brother:

The trisagion will be held at 12, while the body will be transferred to the cemeteries with the accompaniment of the "Apollon Rodolivus" philharmonic.

"He was an excellent person; he closed a great chapter of a popular song, helped me a lot, and we love him very much. Above all, he was human," said singer Sakis Arseniou.

"He leaves a great legacy not only as a singer but also as a person; I was lucky enough to meet both sides," said Christos Menidiatis.

Vasilis Karras

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