New artistic mural on Patision Street, Athens - Onassis Foundation

Patision Avenue mural

A surprise awaits those passing opposite the Athens University of Economics and Business.

It is an in situ neon installation on Patision Street, a mural by Angelos Plessas entitled "Talisman of all Beings", which consists of a red smiley face (emoji) and seven more luminous symbols, and was created on the initiative of the Onassis Foundation.

The project was moved from Alexandra Avenue to continue "guarding" the city, passers-by and its residents. New eyes will meet the red smiley face (emoji) and the seven more bright symbols.

For the creator of the work, talismans are somewhat like multimedia for any hope or wish, or even for a positive thought: "For me, the concept of talisman mainly revolves around the power of concentration, attention and self-submission."

"The gathering comes as a moment of redemption in the modern age where our attention is fragmented with so much information," he added.

The Plessas facility acts as a talisman for the city and its residents. The installation consists of a red smiley face (emoji) surrounded by seven symbols in a circular arrangement.

Every year, through commissions and on-site artistic interventions in the public space of the centre of Athens, the Onassis Foundation Shelter looks for places where art is intertwined with everyday life.

Through a series of projects that permeate the apartment buildings, great works of contemporary Greek visual artists are reborn on a large scale.

The first murals that are already part of the urban fabric of Athens are the "Kiss" by Ilias Papailiakis in Avdi Square in Metaxourgeio, the "Wave / Wave" by Sofia Stevi in ​​Mavili Square, the "She Who Protects" by Aristides Lappa near Omonia square (58 Panepistemiou), the works "Drop of Knowledge" and "Rus" by Nikomachis Karakostanoglou, behind Stegi, in Neos Kosmos.

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