What will happen to the Mercedes and Steyr jeeps of the Greek Army?


The Mercedes jeeps and the Steyr trucks of the Greek Army have been so extensively used that one would expect them to be prepared for retirement after so many decades in service - the solution of their reconstruction and upgrading is now being considered.

The fact is that four years ago, a program was drawn up to gradually replace the Mercedes jeeps and Steyr trucks of the Army, but in practice, it did not proceed.

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The arrival of 1,200 armoured M117s and Greece's budget have forced the Army General Staff to consider more economical solutions for renewing its fleet of vehicles.

ELVO is a manufacturer with deep knowledge of the subject that can participate in the project, as it prequalifies the HYRAX armoured version for the Mercedes jeep.

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At its facilities in Thessaloniki, it makes a difference by manufacturing the Mercedes-Benz W462 in two versions, the 240GD/24 (1.25 tons) and 290GD/28 (1.5 tons) and, in fact, in many variations, from command vehicle to ambulance.

More than 10,000 units have been manufactured, specifically 5,500 240GD and 4,500 290GD, as well as 250 right-handers for the Cyprus National Guard.

Of course, before the GES makes its final decision and proceeds to the next phase of the process, other solutions will be considered, but this one has priority for now.

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The plan of the General Staff of the Army regarding the maintenance and upgrading of the fleet of vehicles of the Armed Forces foresees an upgrade in the engines, the electrical systems and a series of different versions in levels of armour and configuration.

Each version will be available for an other purpose.

As for the armoured versions that currently do not exist in the Army, the new vehicles or the upgraded Mercedes G-Wagen and Steyr must necessarily and, based on the new NATO specifications, have armour on windows, windshields, and also in the passengers' cabin.

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