Aikaterini Sigala from Greece comes to civilian aid during medical emergency

Aikaterini Sigala

Aikaterini Sigala, a Greek Specialized Aviation English student, was engrossed in her studies at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center when a jarring crash echoed through the hallway.

Her instincts, honed as a flight nurse in the Hellenic Air Force, immediately kicked in. She raced towards the source of the noise, where she found a male maintenance worker sprawled near the second-floor elevator, a head injury marring his brow.

It was an epileptic seizure. With 13 years of experience under her belt, Sigala sprang into action. Lacey Grindley and Joseph Leishman, fellow DLIELC personnel, rushed to her side as they called for emergency services. With practised hands, Sigala assessed the situation, calmed the injured man, and meticulously monitored his vitals while he awaited professional help.

"I spoke to him, checked his pulse, and watched his eyes to see if he responded," Sigala recounted. "When I asked his name, he didn't answer, but I could tell he understood. I kept him alert until the paramedics arrived."

Her swift intervention ensured the young man received crucial care. Once paramedics arrived, Sigala relayed her observations and recommended a CT scan and MRI. Following further stabilization, the young man was transported to a medical facility. Relief washed over Sigala as she saw him being taken away, her quick thinking and decisive action making the difference.

Days later, Sigala's heart swelled with joy when she learned the young man had been released and was well on his way to recovery. The DLIELC leadership presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation and a commander's coin for her heroic act. Orlando Dona, Air Force Security Assistance Training Country Manager, also personally visited to express his gratitude.

But for Sigala, the reward lay in the life she saved. "When I can help, I help," she stated, her voice echoing her personal motto. "It's in my nature."

The incident also served as a stark reminder of the importance of preparedness. "It reaffirmed the need for continuous training and the power of staying calm during emergencies," Sigala emphasized. "As healthcare professionals, we must be ready, willing, and able to provide care when needed."

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