Spotlight on Greece's 'National Star' Aliki Vougiouklaki

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Aliki Vougiouklaki is Greece’s all-time favourite actress, and many argue no other performer has come close to being as popular and loved by Greeks worldwide for such a long period. Her films captivated four generations and not only was Aliki a star, she also a symbol of post-WWII Greece, bringing joy, hope and happiness to a nation devastated by war.

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Aliki starred in over 42 movies, most of which became box-office hits, gaining her the title of “National Star Actress” and a special place in the hearts of Greeks worldwide.

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Born on July 20th 1933, in Marousi, Attica, Aliki’s father was killed during the Occupation of ’41, which had a huge impact on Aliki’s life. Showing a passion for acting during school, she played leading roles in most of the school's theatrical performances. She sat for the National Theatre Drama School exams in Athens without telling her family, as she felt they wouldn’t support her career in entertainment.

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Aliki graduated in June 1955, however she performed in many plays before finishing. In the summer of 1954, she took the part of Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet after Anna Synodinou, who played the part, opted out of the theatre company and learned the part within three days and nights.

In 1962, Aliki formed her own theatre company for the first time, and she also teamed up with Filopimin Finos and started cooperating with his production company “Finos Films.” Together, they made many films with huge success in Greek Cinema.

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The entire Greek population fell in love with Aliki, whose beauty, innocence, talent, and hope shone brightly. She became the first star to be adored during the period after the Second World War. She was named “National star”, a title Greeks offered her as a token of adoration and respect.

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In September 1960, her great performance as Madalena won Aliki her first Performance Award in Leading Part in the Movie Festival of Thessaloniki. The same movie represented Greece at the international festival of Cannes and received critical acclaim.

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In 1965, Aliki married Dimitris Papamihail, who was a fellow student in her Drama School; their marriage lasted nine years, within which they gave birth to their son Yiannis.

Her movie career lasted till 1981, with the film Kataskopos Nelli, and Aliki’s theatrical performances ended in 1996 with the play The Sound of Music, with Aliki playing the part of Maria.

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Aliki was sadly diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer and fought till the very end. She died on July 23, 1996, a few days after her 62nd birthday.

Her death brought sorrow to the entire nation of Greece and Greeks worldwide, who gained many smiles from this talented actress, who has left her mark on us today.

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