Athens: Pakistani holding a knife and the Palestine flag with the Acropolis in the background is wanted by police


The migrant who posed with a knife and a Palestinian flag with the Acropolis in the background in a Tik-Tok post is being sought by State Security officials.

Authorities believe he is a man of Pakistani origin and are investigating whether he is the same person as the user who posted the video on his social media account on New Year's Day.

In addition to the "protagonist" of the post, the police are trying to identify seven more people, probably of the same nationality, who are captured in the video. If caught, they could face charges of violating the Arms Act, inciting acts of violence and desecrating a national monument.

The Tik-Tok making the rounds on the internet was 13 seconds long and was probably taken on Areopagus Hill.

One of the seven foreigners is first shown holding a Palestinian flag in his left hand and then displaying a folding knife in his right hand. Immediately after, the person taking the video with their mobile phone turns the camera towards the rest of the group.

See the video:

Another foreigner forms a pistol with his fingers, while a third member of the group has covered part of his face with a scarf. Around them are tourists and other people who had been on New Year's Day in the crowded spot overlooking the Acropolis.

The police officers of the Athens Security Directorate have put the Tik-Tok video under the microscope of the preliminary investigation, but there seem to be no other corresponding older posts.

Most of the videos appear to show the same faces of Pakistani origin, which is expected to facilitate investigations to identify the hitherto unknown foreigners.

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