Church of Greece Urges Lawmakers to Reject Same-Sex Marriage Bill After Failed Government Collaboration


After the government's attempts to reconcile with the Church of Greece on the matter of same-sex marriage and parenthood fell through, clergy members are now urging lawmakers to reject the upcoming bill that will be presented in Parliament.

The Holy Synod's decision to send a message to the archdiocese and the metropolises just before Christmas, expressing its disapproval, is believed to be influenced by rumors that the government intends to expedite its legislative proposal rather than postponing it until after the European elections, as previously discussed.

The government has made it clear that it wants individuals to refrain from taking a stance on the issue prematurely and to wait for the law they will introduce. They are striving to find a balance that fulfills their commitment to legalizing same-sex marriage, while also minimizing opposition as much as possible.

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