Giorgos Alkaios: "I started psychoanalysis when I was a teenager"

Giorgos Alkaios

The singer gave an interview, and among other things, he talked about the help he received in the past from a psychologist.

Giorgos Alkaios told "Loipon" magazine: "I started psychoanalysis when I was a teenager. I had my first sessions before I was 18. Not that there was a problem I couldn't deal with, but I had to realise what was happening because I couldn't understand the contrasts of life. I have deep within me a sense of the self-evident, so anything absurd seems ten times more absurd."

When asked if he is continuing psychotherapy, Giorgos Alkaios said: "No, I have now managed to do psychotherapy with my psychoanalyst, Nikos. He is my friend now and not my doctor."

In the same interview, he addressed his participation in Eurovision, specifically whether it played a role in his decision to step away from singing.

"Yes, Eurovision closed the circle I wanted to close on a high level. Fortunately, we also had a good presence," he replied.

Finally, Giorgos Alkaios said: "I wanted to do this abstinence; that's why I did it all these years. From one point on, I found so many things to deal with, such as the field of technology, music and directing. I also made an album called 'Mosaic', which was very special, with 42 musicians from all over the world online in quarantine. From then on, I was interested in taking my time as much as my own self wanted."

Giorgos Alkaios at Eurovision 2010

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