Sakis Rouvas: The moment flower baskets hit his face - Watch the video

Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas appears again this season in a nightclub in Athens, and hundreds of people go to enjoy his musical program.

An audience member recorded on video Sakis Rouvas singing "Emena Thes", and when the chorus ended, someone threw flower pots in his face with force. The flowers may have landed heavily on the singer, but he did not react and sang the song normally.

The clip was posted on TikTok with the humorous title: "How 2024 Got In". The video has received thousands of likes.

Watch the TikTok video:

Με το καλο! #fy #fyp #sakisrouvas #2024 @Sakis Rouvas

♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος -

Most of the comments on TikTok were positive regarding the singer's reaction, who did not show that he was bothered and continued with the program.

Many, however, commented on the fact that it was rude on the part of the person who threw the flowers.

"Bravo for composure," they wrote about Sakis Rouvas.

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