From Caryatids to Canvas: INO Reimagines a Grecian Icon in Latest Mural

6th Caryatids

Athens' street art scene just received a monumental makeover courtesy of internationally renowned artist INO. His latest masterpiece, aptly titled "6th Caryatid," brings one of Greece's most iconic figures – a missing Caryatid from the Acropolis – back to life on a vibrant Athenian wall. One of the six Caryatids is in the British Museum.

Where are the Original Caryatids?

Five original Caryatids are now in the Acropolis Museum, but the sixth Caryatid was carted away by Lord Elgin back in 1802 when he made off with the rest of his spoils from the Acropolis, including the Elgin Marbles. Like the Marbles, the sixth original Caryatid is also still at the British Museum.

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From Caryatids to Canvas: INO Reimagines a Grecian Icon in Latest Mural 1

For centuries, the Caryatids – six statues portraying maidens supporting the roof of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis – have stood as stoic symbols of Athenian antiquity. However, one remains absent, spirited away in the early 19th century. With "6th Caryatid," INO fills this historical void, reimagining the missing figure in his signature blend of photorealism and fragmentation.


INO is an amazingly talented visual artist from Greece who is very present in the street art scene. He is one of the few internationally recognized Athens-based artists and is best known for his outstanding figurative murals. He uses fragmented forms, photorealistic elements and a greyscale colour palette with touches of light blue.

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