When will Golden Globe winning 'Poor Things' arrive on streaming?

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Yorgos Lanthimos' latest film Poor Things offers a wholly unique origin story, starring Emma Stone as a new spin on Frankenstein's creation and is fully justified in winning a Golden Globe.

Poor Things is the second collaboration between Lanthimos and Emma Stone and is set in a surrealist version of Victorian London, where Bella Baxter (Stone), a woman with the brain of a child, lives with her mad-scientist father figure (Willem Dafoe).

When the fiercely-independent Bella becomes determined to explore the world herself, her adventures take her on a powerful journey of self-discovery that examine the dynamics of sex, gender, and society through a distressing and horrific perspective.

This movie is best entered with as little knowledge as possible, but what viewers should expect is a stunningly strange visual treat, with sets evoking Europe's famous cities and bold cinematography that shows the world through Bella's eyes.

And as Bella, Stone leads the film with a fearless, wholly-dedicated performance.

The film has already found tons of devoted fans and huge amounts of awards buzz for Stone, so it's time to make plans to see this film before Oscar weekend. Here's what we know so far about when Poor Things will arrive online.

How to Watch 'Poor Things'

Poor Things is currently only showing in theatres, after arriving in cinemas worldwide in December, 2023. Searchlight Pictures will maintain this exclusive theatrical window for several weeks before the film becomes available to rent or own digitally.

When will 'Poor Things' arrive on streaming?

We already know which streaming platform will host Poor Things down the line. Searchlight Pictures, which distributed the film, is owned by Walt Disney Studios, so the film is set to head to Hulu sometime after its theatrical window.

We'll be looking out for Poor Things' streaming debut at around the last week of February.

Mitsotakis on Yorgos Lanthimos: A pioneering Greek among the leaders of international cinema

A pioneering Greek among the leaders of international cinema! Well done to Yorgos Lanthimos for his distinction at this year’s Golden Globes, with his film “Poor Things”. Another award after the Golden Lion in Venice that highlights George as one of the greatest contemporary directors.

Thus, the creator’s bold look at approaching current and, at the same time, timeless issues through expressive ways with his own unique stamp is justified.

Proving that cinema remains an art for many, bridging personal search with common concerns.

We are all proud. Congratulations again!

Yorgos Lanthimos

Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Poor Things” Triumphs at the Golden Globes

“Poor Things” won the award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony held at the Beverly Hilton.

This was the film’s second win of the night after Emma Stone won for the Best Actress award. The Greek director celebrated his Golden Globes win by giving a shoutout to Bruce Springsteen.

Luckily, Springsteen was in the audience to hear the praise, as the Poor Things director said: “I just wanted to speak to Bruce Springsteen. We have the same birthday. He’s been my hero since I grew up.”

Lanthimos thanked Springsteen for “making me grow up the way that I did” while accepting Poor Things‘ award. Stone also received a nod from the director. “She won. You know it. She’s the best,” he said.

Yorgos Lanthimos

Poor Things sees Stone play a young woman, Bella Baxter, who goes on a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening as she travels around the world.

“Bella falls in love with life itself, rather than a person, she accepts the good and bad in equal measure,” Stone said in her acceptance speech.

“And that really made me look at life differently, and that all of it counts. She has stayed with me deeply, so this means the world to me.”

Yorgos Lanthimos

She thanked director Yorgos Lanthimos, saying she would be “forever be grateful that we met”, and writer Tony McNamara, to whom she joked: “I love getting to say this dialogue, and I love getting to horrify you with my Australian accent.”

Lanthimos, born in Athens in 1973 has received numerous accolades, including a BAFTA Film Award, three nominations for Academy Awards, and three nominations for Golden Globe Awards.

Poor Things: a provocative commentary

The Globes mark the first major ceremony of film awards season, which culminates with the Oscars on 10 March.

Adapted from Alistair Gray’s eponymous novel and scripted by Tony McNamara, the Greek director presents a fresh take on the Frankenstein myth. Poor Things serves as a provocative commentary on topics such as sexual freedom, class disparities, individual and societal self-determination, desire, and love.

See the video:

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