Mitsotakis pushes same-sex marriage bill despite opposition from within his party

same-sex marriage mitsotakis

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is opening the debate on same-sex marriage and parenthood despite massive opposition from the church, large segments of society, and even from within his ruling New Democracy party.

Mitsotakis is expected to address the issue extensively in a television interview on Wednesday, show support for “marriage equality”, and announce a bill giving same-sex couples the right to be joined in a civil marriage instead of just a partnership (cohabitation) agreement.

The bill will likely provide the right to adoption, with full and equal rights for children raised by a same-sex couple, and it is speculated that the bill on the matter will not take long to come up for a vote.

American pollster Stanley Greenberg found that Greek society has changed compared to the past and is much more open to same-sex marriage than it was. In particular, those who declare themselves centrist voters, Mitsotakis’s key audience, show particular tolerance for such issues.

As for centre-right and right-wing voters – who have a more negative stance on the issue – a key conclusion is that even if they are opposed, this will not, except for a small minority, affect their vote, meaning, according to the pollsters, will not have a substantial electoral cost for New Democracy.

A poll by Pulse for Skai gathered responses from 1,107 participants between December 18 and 20, exposing that 52% of respondents harbour a positive view on same-sex marriage, with a notable 20% in full support and an additional 32% expressing no objection. However, a substantial minority of 33% would prefer that same-sex marriage not be legalised in Greece.

Plevris: I do not vote for marriage for same-sex couples - I'm afraid I have to disagree with the bill

The MP and former minister of the New Democracy, Thanos Plevris, reiterated his opposition to the bill under preparation that will provide for civil marriage for same-sex couples.

"I will not vote for it," the MP pointed out.

"The prime minister will set the framework and develop the arguments. I also disagree about marriage, so I don't expect what more or less (the bill) might have. Let the prime minister be appointed, and I will be appointed on that," Plevris told SKAI.

"This is a matter related to matters of conscience, not related to policy-making, and my disagreement is expressed by not supporting it; I will not vote for it," clarified the former minister.

"I disagree with any intervention in family law, therefore also with changing the form of the family, even if there was no adoption. These issues have been resolved by cohabitation agreement in simple forms,” he said.

As Plevris said, the law proposal submitted by SYRIZA says: "marriage, adoption, abolition of the terms man - woman in the context of our law, choice of parent one and parent 2 (father - mother by choice "Parent I ” and “Parent II”). That is, it says in the civil code not to use gender and medically assisted reproduction (surrogate mother). The provision, as brought by SYRIZA, does not exist in any EU country. It wants to make the woman a child-producing machine to satisfy the 'ego' of some to have children."

SYRIZA submits legislative proposal on same-sex marriage

The main opposition party SYRIZA submitted a legislative proposal on Monday to eliminate gender-based discrimination in Family Law and secure the right to marriage for all individuals.

The proposal submitted addresses the necessity of prioritizing LGBTQI+ rights as a political agenda in alignment with democratic, socially liberal and progressive forces in Greece and Europe, the party said.

The bill aims to bring equality to same-sex couples, especially regarding marriage, ensuring equivalent rights like adoption and medically assisted reproduction, Syriza said, adding that the proposed reforms align with the European Union’s strategy for LGBTQI+ equality.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to announce the government’s stance on a long-awaited legislation legalizing same-sex marriage during an interview with public broadcaster ERT on Wednesday.

It is anticipated that the proposed bill will also extend parental rights to gay couples, aiming to safeguard the rights of children in same-sex partnerships that currently lack recognition.

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