Tower London Announces Partnership with Giannis Antetokounmpo's Family-Owned Label ANTETOKOUNBROS

Tower London

In the past three decades, Tower London has become a staple on London's high streets, serving up Dr Martens, Clarks Originals, and other premium brands through its compendium of retail stores. Now, the retailer embarks on a new chapter, joining forces with Greek streetwear brand ANTETOKOUNBROS.

Co-owned by NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo and his three brothers, Thanasis, Kostas, and Alex, ANTETOKOUNBROS is built on a shared Greek heritage and boasts premium pieces designed and made in the country. It has stores in Athens and a new location in Giannis and Thanasis's basketball home in Milwaukee.

With both brands aiming for further expansion, the new partnership sees Tower London founders Yiannis and Gerry Demopoulos join the ANTETOKOUNBROS board as advisors. Though details remain under wraps, they intend to leverage their individual expertise to bridge the gap between sport, fashion, and footwear, generating global excitement.

In a statement, Tower London co-founder Gerry Demopoulos shares, "This partnership stemmed from our shared passions for community and basketball, but also from an immense admiration and respect for the Antetokounmpo family. They're ambassadors for the sport, for Greece, and for the spirit of determination, family, and overcoming the odds. This led to a shared vision for growth in the streetwear and fashion landscape."

"We share a deep alignment of values, principles, and ethos, and a deep appreciation for our family and Greek origins," shares Thanasis Antetokounmpo. "Inspired by brotherhood, we aspire to build not just a retail alliance, but a supportive and vibrant community hub where families and friends can connect, thrive, and find joy and support to build their legacy."

Stay tuned for the exciting joint activations and initiatives these two powerhouse brands will unveil in the coming months. This strategic partnership promises to be a game-changer, not just for streetwear and fashion, but for fostering community and celebrating shared values of family, perseverance, and success.

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