44-Year-Old Shot Over 80 Times in Mafia-Style Execution

Neos Kosmos Murder

The tranquility of a late-night gas station in Neos Kosmos shattered early Monday morning with a hail of bullets. Gunmen wielding a Kalashnikov ambushed a 44-year-old man, riddling his black jeep with over 80 rounds and leaving him dead on the pavement.

Authorities suspect the brutal execution, witnessed by a horrified taxi driver, was a gruesome settling of accounts within the city's underworld. The victim, reportedly a prominent figure in the nightlife scene, was no stranger to police. Notably, he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt near Piraeus port in 2018, surviving thanks to quick police intervention after his attacker's weapon malfunctioned.

Following the latest attack, investigators immediately set to work securing evidence. Security cameras near the gas station are being scrutinized for footage of the assailants, who fled in a car later found torched in Dafni. The taxi driver, rattled but unharmed, is assisting with witness statements.

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