Nadal's Melbourne Dream Dashed: Kyrgios Feels the Pain of Withdrawal

Kyrgios Holding Ear

Nick Kyrgios expressed his heartbreak over Rafael Nadal's withdrawal from the 2024 Australian Open, acknowledging the Spaniard's ongoing struggle with injuries. Both Kyrgios, 28, and Nadal, 37, are missing the prestigious tournament due to physical setbacks, forging an unexpected bond of shared disappointment.

Nadal, aiming for a triumphant comeback after a year-long absence, started strong at the Brisbane International. However, a minor injury sustained during his loss to Jordan Thompson forced him to pull out of the Australian Open, dashing his hopes of adding to his two Melbourne Park titles.

'I know how hard he would have worked in the last year getting healthy,' Kyrgios said via News Corp.

'He wants to just play grand slams. That's always been my fear is going out of the sport not on your terms where your body starts to tell you you're maybe past it.

While Nadal's absence leaves a significant void, Kyrgios, sporting a cast on his injured wrist, promises to entertain in a different capacity. Taking on punditry duties for the grand slam, he assures fans he's been hard at work, not just raising eyebrows with his usual flair.

"I've been in the gym every day," he declared, "people think you don't do anything when you're injured. I'm really excited and doing plenty of things off court. The positive is I can have a drink now and enjoy places like the QT Rooftop."

Adding a dash of spice to the mix, Kyrgios could potentially face an awkward encounter with tennis legend Boris Becker, his co-pundit for Eurosport. Their past war of words, with Kyrgios questioning Becker's legacy and even referring to his prison sentence, promises some intriguing interactions.

However, Kyrgios embraces the potential hostility, seeing it as a source of entertainment for viewers. "For the sport and for Eurosport, I actually think it's really good," he revealed to Daily Mail Australia, "because I think it will create a bit of tension there and people will tune in."

With Nadal's injury a somber note and Kyrgios' punditry debut adding a twist to the tournament, the Australian Open promises to be a captivating blend of drama, on-court battles, and perhaps even some off-court fireworks.

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