Concert of The Tiger Lillies trio was canceled in Athens due to the support of Ukraine

The Tiger Lillies

Residents of the Athens district of Exarchia demanded to cancel a free concert by the British trio The Tiger Lillies due to their support for Ukraine, the concert was to take place on the square in the center of the district, the newspaper Ephimeris ton Sindakton reports.

The musical trio from London performs in a dark comedy-tragic style, the lyrics are often associated with themes of different forms of sex and death, among the heroes of the songs are prostitutes, perverts and drug addicts. PepsiCo has banned Ukrainian advertisers from mentioning the Ukrainian Armed Forces and support for Kiev

The band was supposed to give a free concert in support of residents of the area protesting against the construction of the metro in the Exarchy. The protests led to clashes with the police.

"Modern representatives of the dark cabaret, libertarians, activists responded to the call of residents and (agreed) to give a free concert against repression and the transformation of the square into a giant construction site. But because of their open support for Ukraine, "groups and individuals involved in the social life of the district" forced the organizers to cancel the event," the newspaper writes.

The organizers reported that, in addition to the negative opinion of a number of residents, there is also a security problem. "Another important reason for the cancellation is the excessive number of people who have expressed a desire to attend the concert – a small venue will not be able to safely accommodate the band and the audience," the statement said.

"We were looking forward to playing in the square tonight in solidarity with our neighbors, who will probably be as disappointed as we are that the concert cannot take place," Tiger Lillies said.

Although the concert on the square has been canceled, the band will perform in one of the jazz clubs of the Greek capital for three days, and all tickets for the concerts have been sold out. Last weekend, The Tiger Lillies also performed at one of the Athens clubs.Lolita's concert was canceled in Omsk

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