Thrilling Victory: Greece Secures Bronze and Qualifies for Paris 2024 Olympics


Greece secured the bronze medal and qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games following an intense contest against Italy, which ended with a thrilling 7-6 victory in the women's water polo.

This achievement marks Greece's return to the Olympics after a 16-year absence. The Greek team expressed their confidence in winning the medal and securing the long-awaited Olympic ticket. Despite some challenging games, they remained determined and focused on their goal. Greece took an early lead in the opening quarter and maintained control throughout the match with a strong defence and impressive goalkeeping.

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Italy struggled to penetrate the Greek defence and mainly resorted to perimeter shots, which proved ineffective. Italy finally managed to score in the third quarter, courtesy of Roberta Bianconi. However, Greece quickly responded and extended their lead before the final break. The last eight minutes of the game were intense, with both teams displaying a high level of passion.

Italy managed to equalize the score at 6-6 with a sensational penalty shot. However, Greece swiftly regained the lead and secured victory with a goal from Nikoleta Eleftheriadou. The Greek team celebrated with tears of joy, recognizing the significance of winning the bronze medal and qualifying for Paris. This achievement also marks Greece's second consecutive podium finish in the European championships, having won silver in the previous edition.

Conversely, Italy will have another opportunity to qualify for Paris at the upcoming World Championships in Doha.

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