Italian woman with dairy allergy dies after eating 'vegan' tiramisu: Manslaughter investigation opens


An Italian woman with a dairy allergy died after eating a tiramisu in Milan after being assured that it was vegan.

Anna Bellisario, 20, and her boyfriend were enjoying dinner in Milan last year before a tragedy occurred when she ate a tiramisu made with milk after being assured it was vegan. Before ordering, the fashion student had checked several times if it was vegan, but on her second spoonful suffered a coughing fit and had difficulty breathing.

She ran to the bathroom to make herself vomit and was given the asthma medication and cortisone she had with her but went into anaphylactic shock and fell unconscious. The coma lasted ten days before she died at San Raffaele hospital. She had suffered from the allergy since her birth and had regularly attended the restaurant, according to reports.

Anna Bellisario and her boyfriend were eating at a restaurant which specialised in vegan meals
Anna Bellisario and her boyfriend were eating at a restaurant which specialised in vegan meals

Italian media organisation Corriere della Sera reported the two women, a mother and her daughter, who run the pastry shop which supplied the pudding are now under investigation for manslaughter.

It’s thought the pair may have ‘mixed up’ an invoice or vegan pastries for one of the desserts containing milk.

Earlier this week prosecutors Tiziana Siciliano and Luca Gaglio showed a reconstruction from a wiretap to judge Fiammetta Modica who ordered a ban on the owners of the shop. The judge described the case as a “worrying picture of unscrupulousness”.

Last year the pudding was removed from the market by the Italian ministry of health as it possibly contained milk not shown by its label.

The Italian Ministry of Health has said that this pre-made dessert has been recalled from 63 restaurants over Italy. In other tiramisu products from the same brand, traces of milk protein were also identified. Traces of egg was also found in the mayonnaise of the sandwich Bellisario had for her main dish. An autopsy was ordered at the time.

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