My Style Rocks is back with a Bollywood Gala featuring guest judge Anna Kapsalis!

Anna Kapsali My Style Rocks Bollywood

Gala, which has featured some of the most beautiful images we've seen on My Style Rocks, is back!

'Bollywood' is the unofficial name used for the Mumbai film industry. Shiny, silk and colourful saris, striking gold jewellery, knitted waistcoats and kaftans, long skirts and embroidered 'dhotis' pants are elements of the looks we will see today.

Multiple layers and headpieces are key elements of these looks.

Will the contestants manage to create images that will bring Bollywood into 2024 without looking like a costume theatre or carnival?

Watch the trailer:

Stelios Koudounaris, Dimitris Skoulos and Sophia Hadjipanteli welcome the well-known fashion editor Anna Kapsali as guest judge, who comes to the set to offer her knowledge and advice to the contestants.

What impressions will the fashionistas' appearances leave on her?

The distance between Apolleon and Amanda seems to be growing while the end of today's gala hides another big twist!

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