Tania from India moved everyone on MasterChef Greece: "I didn't go out in the world, I was afraid"

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"Those were bad years, and I didn't live my childhood," said the contestant who managed to get the white apron from the judges, among other things

MasterChef Greece 2024 premiered on Monday night, January 15, and the first contestants introduced themselves to the audience and shared their stories.

Tania from India was the first contestant to take the apron for this year's cooking reality show. In addition to her skills in the kitchen, the young woman had other things to tell the TV audience about her life.

She went on to make a personal confession about the bullying she received as a child, but also the limitations she lived with due to her origin.

"Cooking has changed my life a lot because I know something, too. I can talk too, and before, I didn't talk at all. I had experienced bullying at school. I had stopped going out into the world that they would make fun of me and say the wrong word to me. Those were bad years, and I didn't live my childhood because some people don't raise their children the way they should," said Tania.

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The start of "MasterChef 2024"

Panos Ioannidis, Leonidas Koutsopoulos and Sotiris Kontizas returned to Star, and the culinary "battle" for the grand prize began.

At the start of the show, they welcomed the contestants and announced this year's prizes.

"Welcome! You are here to claim your entry to the biggest cooking competition in Greece," Panos Ioannidis said.

He added, "This year will see the biggest prizes ever awarded in MasterChef history. The first winner will win €100,000, €70,000 in cash and €30,000 in kitchen equipment to open your own shop. For the second, we have €30,000 in cash. And as if that wasn't enough, we have more. Over €30,000 will be awarded during the competition."

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